Friday, February 8, 2013

What's Ahmad Bradshaw's Future?

New York Giants player Ahmad Bradshaw was recently at an autograph signing appearance and had his right foot covered in a black boot, getting around with an orthopedic scooter.
Not something Giants fans want to see. They're all wondering "How times is he going to be out???"
Bradshaw said he had one screw removed from his right foot and another inserted in surgery he had three weeks ago. He's had two screws in the same foot but only one was secured with a screw. During the 2012 season he had stem-cell therapy on the other fracture, but after six or seven weeks the effects wore off and he was in pain. The new screws secure both fractures.
"What I should have did instead of getting the stem cell last year was get the screw out and a new screw in. This was very well needed. The doctor said everything looked great after. He said it was something I should have gotten last year. Can't look back at it like that," said Bradshaw after the signing.
He says the time frame for recovery is ten weeks, and he's already three weeks in. "I can already put weight on my foot; it feels this is needed, after a week I felt a lot different even with stitches going down the side of my foot," Bradshaw said.
Bradshaw's right foot plagued him all season. He missed three games and had to be pulled out of two games because of recurring problems with the foot. "I just went through too much this year. The stem cell wore off last year and I was able to fight through it this year, got the screw out and another one in."
Bradshaw tried the stem cell therapy after the 2011 season to help the healing process in his foot. He had an admirable season, rushing 1,015 yards. He has two years left on his contract, and will be paid $3.75 million in 2013 and $4 million in 2014.
After the season ended this year, Bradshaw expressed concern that he might not be back. He changed that tune at the autograph signing event, saying, "I can't say I'm not concerned because I just have the heart to play, to keep doing this. No matter what it is I'm gonna play in the NFL, if I have that chance. With the Giants I can't say it's a concern, it's always that chance of me not being there next year. With David (Wilson) there, Andre (Brown) there they have what they're looking for with them and may be light on cash. I haven't heard anything, they haven't said anything, which is a good sign. I hope to be a Giant, no matter what. You just never know what's going to happen, it's all business."
Little did Bradshaw know Wednesday he would be cut by the Giants. So what will happen to this productive running back? Time will tell!
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