Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Alabama's Barrett Jones Has Foot Surgery

Barrett Jones was showing all the signs of being a "tough man" by playing through the pain. He swore up and down at the press conference before the BCS National Championship that his foot was doing fine, he was going to be great for the game.
Turns out, he mustn't have been. While Jones didn't hobble out of the crimson and white confetti on crutches like he did after the SEC Championship, his foot was throbbing after Alabama beat Notre Dame 42-14 for the national championship.
His foot had good reason to be throbbing. Jones had surgery in January to repair several torn ligaments in his foot. It was originally thought to be a sprain. Jones says the injury will keep him out three to four months.
Jones had kept the injury a secret from the media and fans, rehabbing enough so he could play against Notre Dame.
"If there was a chance I could play, I wanted to finish it the right way. Plus I was sitting on 49 starts and wanted to finish with 50. I'm just kidding, but no, not playing never crossed my mind. If I could play, I wanted to play. We have the best doctors in the world and they really worked together and had a meeting with my family that I could do this, I could certainly play one game," Jones said.
Since this was his final game and the national championship, Jones taped up his foot and played. However, if this injury had occurred earlier in the season there was no way he could have kept on playing.
"This was not an injury I could play with for a season. This is traditionally a season-ending type injury, but they (doctors, coaches, parents) really felt that since it was a one-game scenario, I could make it through," Jones said.
Since Jones had his surgery, he will miss the NFL Combine and other workouts for pro scouts and coaches, but he's confident they will judge him on what he's accomplished at Alabama.
"Well, not anybody that know me," Jones said, "Anybody that knows me knows there was no way I was missing this one."

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