Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Selecting the Right Gym Shoe

With the New Year, many people made the resolution to lose weight. Thousands flocked to their closest gym and signed up for year memberships in hopes of fulfilling their resolution.
One thing they probably didn't think of when they signed up for that year membership was about their feet and proper footwear for the gym. Picking out gym shoes isn't as easy as selecting ones that match your favorite gym outfit, or reaching into the closet and finding the athletic shoes you wore in high school.
Here are some hints as to what you should be looking for when you head to the shoe department in search of gym shoes:
  • Weight lifting. Will you be doing any weight lifting? Shoes that are good for weight lifting will have a good firm, flat grip on the soles. This helps you with proper form and stance, which is especially important if you are a novice weight lifter or lifting a lot. High-tech, thick-soled running shoes should be avoided.
  • Gym class. If you plan on doing a lot of cardio or strength-training classes you will need supportive shoes. These classes consist of jumping and side-to-side movements and you'll be putting a lot of force on your feet. Shoes that have ample cushioning and support in the arches and ankles are perfect for this type of activity, as well as shoes with a wide toe box to accommodate all that side-to-side movement. Cross-trainers will have arch and ankle support without bulk and are light enough to keep you feet from feeling heavy.
  • Treadmill. If you're on the treadmill from the minute you get in the gym to the minute you leave the gym, you should invest in good running shoes. Because, after all, you are running, just not outside. Based on the type of foot you have, select a shoe that is best for you. There are many different types of shoes for many different types of feet, so spend some time trying on lots of shoes. Don't settle for a shoe that fits "ok" or is the right price. 
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