Monday, February 25, 2013

Colts' Pat Angerer Ready For Better 2013 Season

English: Pat Angerer, a player on the Indianap...
English: Pat Angerer, a player on the Indianapolis Colts American football team. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
After the 2011 season Pat Angerer was one of the brightest young linebackers in the league, with 148 total tackles. He was looking forward to his 2012 season being even better.
And then Angerer broke a bone in his foot on the first play of the preseason.
The injury plagued Angerer all season. He missed the first five games of the season and didn't return to the starting lineup until Week 15. He finished the season with just 28 total tackles and called the season a 10 on a frustration scale of 0-10.
"It was really, really frustrating. Guys have played with this injury before, but just not being able to play like I know I'm capable of was very hard," Angerer said.
He had a second surgery on his foot in January and has since been working to make sure his foot is in tip-top shape so he can rejoin the team this summer. It will probably be a while before he can run and participate in practices, but Angerer doesn't expect, or want, the injury to keep him behind.
"A lot of people have overcome things a lot worse than this. It's nothing I can't come back from," Angerer said.
"What I'll remember about this year is it's the closest group of guys I've ever been around. It's the most I've felt like a family in my three years with the Colts. We stuck together. I love these guys. Hopefully, we'll get back. We'll heal up, get healthy, and fight another day."
Best of luck to you in the 2013 season, Pat!
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