Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Stars' Whitney Sidelined With Broken Foot

Dallas Stars winger Ray Whitney will be sidelined for the next 4-6 weeks with a broken bone in his foot, but he still plans on playing a crucial role for the team.
The 40 year has been playing with a stress fracture in his foot since January 20th when he was hit by a puck in Minnesota. The pressure Whitney placed on the fracture caused it to open up and on Friday it became a full crack. Now Whitney will have to rest and let the injury heal to avoid displacing the bone. If it were to become displaced he would be out for the entire season.
Sitting out was never on Whitney's radar when he sustained the injury. "I come from a different generation. I've always been taught that you play until you can't play. It hurt to walk, and it hurt to put on my skate, but once I got the skate on and got skating, it didn't hurt that much. But now, the break went all the way through," said Whitney.
Whitney was signed for another two seasons earlier in the year, and not just because he's a great player. He has turned into a leader in the locker room, and will be accompanying the team on the road trip through Phoenix, Colorado, and Edmonton. Whitney said the team watched the Super Bowl together and it's one of their favorite bonding days of the year.
He commented that the Stars are a team in transition, saying, "I feel like if you don't get a hold of things and establish things early in the season, then you could have trouble. We're a quiet group right now, that's just who we are. We aren't where we need to be continuity-wise, both on and off the ice, so we have to work on that. I just want to be around the guys right now and help out any way I can."
Whitney went on the injured list after playing on Friday against Phoenix at home. In his first season with the Stars, Whitney has led the team with two goals and four assists through the first eight games. His roster spot was filled by Reilly Smith from Texas of the AHL.
Stars GM Joe Nieuwendyk says he hopes to see Whitney engage with the team during his rehab. "One of the big reasons we got Ray was because we knew we had younger players who could use a great role model, and he's a great role model. I expect him to be around lot," said Nieuwendyk.

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