Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Rangers' Harrison Starts Yesterday After Toe Problem

Matt Harrison
Matt Harrison (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Texas Rangers Matt Harrison started the "B" game against the Kansas City Royals yesterday at Surprise Stadium after being out several days with inflammation in the second toe of his left foot.
Harrison did not play in Saturday's game against the San Diego Padres and tested his toe Sunday in a 45 pitch bullpen session and didn't have any problems.
"The biggest thing was trying not to think about it and that it was going to hurt and just focus on pitching. Once I started doing that, I started doing my normal mechanics and dragging my foot like I was before and had no pain," Harrison said.
The inflammation is not related to a turf toe injury he had in 2007 but instead by irritation from dragging his foot when he throws a pitch. This particular problem arose last season and was treated successfully by an orthotic device placed in his shoe. Harrison said the inflammation began two weeks ago for the first time since it was treated last season.
"I need to fix it now during spring training. This way I don't have to worry about it. If this was the regular season, I'd put anything I had to in there, so I could get out there. Right now, I don't need to," Harrison said.
He was scheduled to fly Dallas on Monday for evaluation by Dr. John Crates, an orthopedist, but since his toe never became uncomfortable, he cancelled the appointment. He may reschedule the appointment for today, an off-day.
"It was much, much better. I didn't have to think about my toe hurting and was able to make my pitches," Harrison said, after doing a combination of taping, rest, and orthotic devices to ease the inflammation.
Reference: ESPN and Dallas Morning Star.
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