Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Iowa's Babb Has Nasty Ankle Sprain

This is one of those ankle sprains that makes even us cringe.
Iowa State guard Chris Babb was driving to the line Sunday in the game against Ohio State with just two minutes remaining in the half. He went for a layup in the middle of traffic, expecting to score and maybe get a foul.
What happened instead was a twisted ankle that caused him to watch the last 22 minutes of his college basketball career from the sidelines.
"I drove, and one of the players slid up under me," Babb said, holding a bag of ice to his left ankle. "I rolled it."
The Cyclones have been fortunate all season with injuries; this was their first significant injury in 34 games. "What a time to have the first injury all year," said Babb.
Tyrus McGee started in Babb's position for the second half. Babb tried to get ready for the second half, but he was too injured to make it on the court.
"He was running up and down in the hall outside the locker room at halftime," said Iowa State athletic trainer Vic Miller. "It just wouldn't loosen up. It was bad enough that he couldn't move on it."
"I wanted to get back out there, but it probably would have hurt the team more than helped them," said Babb.
Babb instead become the team's cheerleader and time-out adviser as Iowa State came back from a 13-point deficit to lead 75-74 with 2:22 left in the game.
"I did as much as I could from the bench, motivating and talking," Babb said. "The guys showed so much heart getting back in the game."
Reference: Des Moines Register
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