Sunday, March 24, 2013

Lightning's Lecavalier Out With Fracture

English: Vinny Lecavalier skates against the N...
English: Vinny Lecavalier skates against the New Jersey Devils, December 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Well, we hate to say we saw it coming, but we did.
When Tampa Bay Lightning captain Vinny Lecavalier suffered a bone bruise on his foot in the beginning of February, we blogged that we hoped his injury didn't go the same route as fellow hockey player Ray Whitney, who had a similar injury that turned into a full-blown fracture.
We don't like it when we're right about these things.
It was announced last Tuesday that Lecavalier has a minor fracture in his left foot the same foot he had a bone bruise in. He has not played since March 12th, when he collided with Panthers defensiveman Erik Gudbranson.
The news is "definitely disappointing" for Lecavalier, who will be out at least three weeks, coming back for the home game on April 2nd against Florida. In the meantime, it's "a little bit of a waiting game," Lecavalier said. "And then work out hard and be ready to play."
When he returns he plans on wearing double padding in his gloves and polypropylene-graphite composite shot-blockers on the outside of his skates.
During his time off, Lecavalier will spend time with his wife Caroline and their third child, newborn Amelia. "It takes your mind off the injury a little bit. When I go home I can kind of get away from it, I guess," said Lecavalier.
Reference: Tampa Bay.Com
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  1. Yikes. I have a bruised 5th metatarsal bone from a puck impact sustained 8 days ago. For the first three or four days, I could only walk by deliberately pronating on that foot to keep the pressure off the outside edge of my foot.

    It's still a bit tender under pressure on the outer edge of that foot, but I was going to test it out on the rink tonight.

    I wondered if a bruised bone is weakened to the point that it could sustain a stress fracture. Especially when I use the outside edge of my right skate, when all of the pressure will be on that side of my foot. It's playoffs, though, so hard to stay away.

  2. Have you seen a podiatrist yet? Stress fractures are often very difficult to see on X-rays, so if you've had an X-ray, it may not show up. Advanced imaging tests are often required to detect a stress fracture. Try adding some padding or taping to help the pain you are feeling. Good luck!

  3. A GP palpitated and ordered an x-ray. I think she guesses that a stress fracture wouldn't result from acute trauma, so any resulting fracture would be visible. Without that assumption, I don't know how she could rule out a stress fracture.

    It has gotten much better, but when I try to force my normal gait, it's hard not to plod down on the opposite heel so I'm not leveraging my injured foot bones too much. Icing it after walking does immediately reverse all accrued pain after I stress it by walking.

    Thanks for the good wishes!

  4. And if tonight doesn't go well, I will be asking my GP for a podiatrist referral!