Saturday, December 15, 2012

Patriots' Stallworth Follows Edelman To Injured Reserve

Patriots' wide receiver Donte Stallworth finally got his chance this year to play and it will be his only game this season.
Stallworth, originally released following training camp, had been re-signed December 4th after Julian Edelman went on the injured reserve. He played in Monday night's 42-14 win against the Houston Texans and likely suffered the high ankle sprain on his one catch of the night, a 63-yarder for a touchdown. If you look at the picture on the right, you can see Stallworth's right foot twisted in an unnatural way. Ouch!
Stallworth had spent the 2007 season with the Patriots when he had 46 catches. He spent 2008 with the Cleveland Browns. With injuries to Edelman and Rob Gronkowski and the receiving corps thinned, the team was prompted to recall Stallworth.
"Donte is always in good shape, works hard, dependable player that got an opportunity, stepped up, and made it happen," said coach Bill Belichick on Tuesday. "I think that's kind of what sometimes football is about, but certainly it's what football at this time of year is about. It's getting opportunities and taking advantage of them."
Offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels said before the Stallworth move, "I don't want to understate how hard it is to come in off the street and get acclimated to not only what the game plan is, but who the opponent is, how they play. And then, go out there and have to perform on short notice. Credit to him for putting himself in position to be able to go out there and do that."
With Stallworth out, receiver Deion Branch will return to the Patriots. He had nine catches in seven games this season, but was released last month after suffering a hamstring injury.
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