Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Best Running Socks

Any runner knows the importance of a good running sock. A great one can help prevent blisters, keep your feet dry and cool, and help you run those extra miles. A bad sock, well, does none of those things.
Runner's World Magazine had 86 runners from Portland, OR test out 26 of the newest socks to find the best  of the best. The testers wear the socks on cold runs, rainy runs, and treadmill runs. Here are the eight winners:
  • Best for Women: Asics Hera Bamboo Low Cut ($12). These are anatomical socks made specifically for women. Testers said they were snug, but not restrictive, and the arch support hit in the right place. The eco-fabric felt soft and silky without being slippery.
  • Plushest Pair: Bridgedale's Bamboo Lo ($14). These socks have a blend of renewable bamboo and sweat siphoning CoolMax, which felt luxurious to testers. The quarter-cut height and thick band pleased trail runners, which helps keep out debris and protecting against ankle clipping. 
  • Most Durable: Balega All Out Trail Quarter ($13). These wool socks kept tester's feet dry and warm. Testers praised the combination of heavier fabric on the sole with the lighter material on top to help ventilation. The low cut and reinforced band are flattering, keeping trail debris out.
  • Best Blister Protection: Drymax Maximum Protection Running Sock ($25). Made of dense, cushy materials, making for a plush ride. Marathoners in the group loved these socks, saying they reduced friction, kept their feet dry and blister free on runs.
  • Race-Day Sock: PowerSox APF Low-Cut ($11). According to testers, these socks fit like a second skin. The seamless design wraps snugly around toes, and strategically placed cushioning helps runners' feet from aching after a race. 
  • Snuggest Fit: Under Armour Endurance Low Cut ($13). These socks for women were have specific left and right socks and are uber comfortable. One tester said they fit more like a high-tech shoe than sock.
  • Most Pillowy: Thorlo Experia ($14). Like your favorite plush socks, these socks are pared down in the midfoot and top. The pads are thick and cushy, while the rest is minimal. These socks come in five sizes, wick away sweat, and fit the biggest and smallest feet.
  • Odor-Eaters: New Balance Cocona Lo-Cut ($12). These socks are carbon derived from coconut shells, which have natural antimicrobial properties. They also offer a silky-smooth interior with just enough cushioning in key areas. 
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