Saturday, December 22, 2012

Komets Chaulks Doesn't Have MRSA Again

Komets fans: don't fret! Captain Colin Chaulk does not have the same problem he had in 2008-09 that cost him 35 games and almost his career.
Chaulk underwent surgery Tuesday to remove an abscess on his right foot and will be out three weeks to recover. 
"There is no evidence of MRSA (staph infection) at this time," coach David Fanke said. "They are doing a culture. But at this time they do not think it is MRSA related."
Chaulk is feeling well, and is hopeful its not MRSA. "We don't know entirely what it is," said Chaulk, who had a staph infection in his left foot during that fateful season. 
"I'm taking antibiotics to make sure it's wiped out. Given my history they want to kill whatever is going on and once they get back the culture, they'll have a better idea of what we're dealing with," Chaulk added. 
He can't remember when or where the injury occurred. "I'm trying to trace back to if my foot was sore after the last game that I played, and I can't remember that it was. I missed the last couple of games on the road trip, and we came home for Tuesday's practice (December 11th), and my foot was sore but I didn't think anything of it. I made the road trip and continued my conditioning skating and my foot was a little sore," Chaulk said. 
"Like every hockey player I have little bumps on the back of my foot from breaking in my skates. There was a little callus there with a little bit of fluid. Sass said he wanted to get in there right away and get it cleaned out, and I was good with that."
Chaulks has missed six straight games with a shoulder injury and now is dealing with this foot issue. He has two goals and 17 points in 19 games and will not be on the bench as an assistant coach because doctors want to him to keep his foot elevated. 
"They basically made an incision today and removed the abscess. And they shaved down a callus or bone spur, and they say it should be about three weeks of recovery... I'm feeling OK. And my shoulder was close to about 100% before this happened," Chaulk said. 
Chaulk is the five-time team MVP and has led the Fort Wayne team to five championships since 2003. 
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