Friday, December 7, 2012

Nets' Brook Lopez Has Foot Troubles Again

English: Photo of Brook Lopez of the New Jerse...
English: Photo of Brook Lopez of the New Jersey Nets at the foul line. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Brooklyn Nets' center Brook Lopez is listed day-to-day with a ligament strain of the right midfoot. He missed all but five games last season with a fifth metatarsal break. However, this current injury is not related to the previous one.
"When the location of the pain, on the top of the foot, was different than where he had before, Dr. Williams suggested we wait, ice, get in here, and get X-rayed in Orlando," said general manager Billy King to the New York Post. "At noon he went with trainer Tim Walsh to see the Orlando doctor, and had an X-ray and the X-ray looks identical to the one before the season started." But, "It's not related to the previous injury and he'll be out these two games and after that he'll be day-to-day."
Lopez said of waiting for the results from the doctor, "I was nervous. I was nervous, especially right after we got the X-rays... I was thrilled. It's a much better position than I could've been in."
Added coach Avery Johnson, "It felt like a year. I'm sitting outside and I'm looking at my phone and once we hear the news of where he is, that was good news for us."
Lopez couldn't explain how he injured his foot last Wednesday in the third quarter in the win over the Celtics, perplexed over he could be injured after "driving against Kevin Garnett and landing on my right foot." Lopez didn't necessarily land wrong, but instead came down hard on a foot that has been plagued with injures.
Johnson says that "What happened to Brook can happen to anybody. These guys do a lot of twisting and turning and flying through the air."
Injuries like these are like deja vu in the Nets. Last year Damion James was day-to-day with a broken foot, a fifth metatarsal break like Lopez, and ended up missing the entire season. At the time the Nets insisted the two injuries were not related. The screw inserted in his foot became infected. James initially said, "I'm young, man, I don't need to worry about things like lengthy absences", and felt "10 times better" than when he injured the foot just 10 days previous.
Lopez had been off to a great start this season, averaging 18.5 points, 6.8 rebounds, and 2.5 blocks while shooting 53% from the floor during the first 14 games for the Nets.

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