Sunday, January 6, 2013

Australia's Stosur Had Ankle Surgery

Australia's top-ranked female tennis player Sam Stosur underwent ankle surgery five weeks ago to fix a bone spur that had plagued her during the last few months of last year's tour.
"There's not good time to do it, but obviously it had to be done," said the 28 year old. "Everything has gone well but I probably haven't been able to do enough of what I wanted to so we'll see how it goes. I haven't done any running yet- it was three weeks until I could hit. I've been back on court a week to 10 days now doing pretty much my normal training."
Stosur has been in the world Top 10 for the past two years. She'll open her summer campaign for the 2013 season as the seventh seed for the Brisbane International.
The Gold Coaster said she thought a lot about postponing the surgery until after the Australian Open. She had been taking pain killers daily for the last two months of the season to get through the tournaments. "I kind of thought about all the different times I could get it done. But this was the best opportunity because you don't want to be out mid-year for this kind of thing. The off-season was the only decent time to get it done," Stosur said.
She doesn't believe having the operation would ruin her chances of an Australian Open breakthrough. "I don't think so. Lots of players go through their injury periods and all that. I'm trying to play and do as best I can. These first couple of weeks are going to be a great test before Melbourne," Stosur said.
Stosur is scheduled to play in Brisbane and Sydney and doesn't plan on using her ankle as an excuse if her summer is poor. "I don't know if it will make me cope any better if that does end up happening. Again, it is what it is. I've got to remember what I can do and do my best given the situation. It's nice to not have the pain and the problems I had the last few months of the year, that's for sure. As time moves on it's going to be the best decision I could have made," Stosur said.
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