Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Will Stephen Curry Ever Recover?

Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors
Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Stephen Curry missed 40 games during the 2011-12 season with multiple sprained ankles and no other injury in the NBA seems to be as perpetual as his ankles.
The Golden State Warriors need their star player to be absolutely healthy in order to stay competitive. The Warriors seem to be one-trick ponys, lighting up the offense each night, but allowing the Bobcats to score 112 points, hence why Curry is so important.
Curry is not a defensive specialist, but can make game-turning steals, shut down opposing players with his speed for stretches, and provide offensive efficiency. When Curry played last season he shot 49 percent from the field- a great statistic. He is a young player with offensive talent, can score, and not kill a team's field goal percentage.
That is, if Curry can keep his ankles healthy. He sprained his twice surgically repaired right ankle in a preseason exhibition game again and Warriors fans should be worried. Curry didn't miss 40 straight games last season- he missed them over the span of the entire season, which is worse. He kept injuring his ankles and coming back, never playing more than a few games in a row. Curry was even labeled "injury-prone" because this is not a new issue.
The answer is that Curry will probably never be entirely healthy. He's 185 lbs. and as a player, makes a lot of cuts and runs in transition very quickly. He has stick-thin legs and doesn't have a physique that can last for 82 games.
Curry signed an extensive with the Golden State Warriors in early November for a four-year contract, $44 million. "I just thought the deal was too good to pass up. Obviously I've been through a lot of injuries the last year and a half with my ankle, but it's back strong and ready to go," said Curry.
Curry had arthroscopic surgery in April and surgery to repair a tendon in the ankle the summer of 2011. He may have commanded a higher price if he had been healthier last season, but Curry was pleased with the deal. "Right now, for them to offer me what they did after what I've been through says a lot about one, where my ankle is now but, but two, just their faith in what I can do. Obviously things would have been different playing out the year, me playing well, next year I don't know what the numbers would have been, but that's not even a question I'm asking myself right now."

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