Monday, November 19, 2012

Soccer's Jack Wilshere Recovered From Foot Injury

Jack Wilshere was branded England's soccer savior when he broke into the Arsenals first team two years ago and then he suffered a serious foot injury that sidelined him for 17 months.
The 20 year old, hailed as England's next big star, made his comeback against QPR last month and has played two more games for the Gunners. Wilshere has been encouraged by the way he has played since he came back.
"I'm quite surprised, actually. When I first played in the (under 21's), I was really rusty, and I think it was clear for everyone to see. Everyone was just being nice to me saying 'you played well.' Now I'm feeling better and better as every game goes on. There's no hiding place when you're playing at the Emirates, at Old Trafford and you're in front of everyone. You have to be at a certain standard so you don't let your teammates and fans down," Wilshere told Arsenal Player.
"Mentally it has been tough because you question yourself all the time. You go to the Emirates, you watch games and you think 'Has it got quicker? I don't remember it being this quick. Can I get back to this level that I was at before?' But I feel good now and hopefully, with a few more games, I can get back to my best."
Wilshere played 54 times for the club and country in the 2010-11 season. His confidence and creativity on the field drew comparisons to Paul Gascoigne, who captured English hearts for a decade.
Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger cautioned Wilshere, saying that he would need time to "get his burst back", and Wilshere concurs. "I know exactly what he means by that. The boss always says it to me when he's reminding me to do my gym work and train hard. It just means literally the first five yards. That was one of my strengths of my game- the first five yards to beat a player. He says it's slowly coming back so hopefully it will come back soon."
Wenger waited until right before the game against QPR to tell Wilshere that he was going to play. "I think the boss did it quite cleverly because maybe if he'd told me the day before, I'd have been a bit anxious and not slept well at all," Wilshere said. "I was just preparing to sit on the bench and hopefully come on at some point in front of the crowd. He told me at half ten (on the day of the game that ) he was going to start me. I was nervous, but I didn't have time to worry about it. I just went out there and I thought I did quite well."
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