Thursday, November 8, 2012

UTD Timmins Back After Foot Injury

University of Texas at Dallas senior guard basketball player Mike Timmins landed awkwardly after going a loose ball in the second game of last season and knew something was wrong with his foot.
"I just remember feeling hurt. But I really didn't know what it was at first," Timmins recalled.
Timmins sought medical attention and doctors diagnosed him with a stress fracture, advising him to stay off his foot, but he couldn't- "I couldn't rest it because it was go-time for the season," Timmins said. A too often lament we hear from athletes, who eventually end up with an even more serious foot problem.
Which Timmins did. He kept playing, 26 games in total, until the last game of the season, when his foot finally gave out on him. "I heard a pop," Timmins said.
The navicular bone at the top of his foot had been fractured, and what doctors had thought would keep him out for 6-8 weeks ended up with a recovery time of 12-16 weeks. Timmins was frustrated he couldn't get back out on the court soon . "I had three screws put in my foot on May 9th. I'm just really trying hard to get the natural range of motion back before the season starts." If Timmins had listened to his doctors and stayed out just for a couple of games, perhaps a week, the accumulated damage over those 26 games would not have been as severe.
During those 26 games he had 38 assists, fourth best, and 24 steals, tied for second.
This was the first time Timmins had to deal with an injury that kept him sidelined for a length of time. "This was the first time that I had to sit out for a long period of time. It's been tough, but I think the break I've had all summer is really going to help me this season," Timmins said.
Timmins is close to being back to 100 percent, but feels the area he needs to work on the most is getting physical with other players. Watching from the sidelines has given him a new perspective: "I think this experience is going to benefit me as a player and a leader of this team."
He still has a ways to go in the month that is left before the season starts, but is confident in his abilities and believes he can be a leader. "I will be the starting point guard. I've not thought twice about me not playing this season. I've been extra cautious coming back because I don't want any regrets. Come opening night, I will be on the court."
Timmins goal is to help UTD be the conference champions this year. "I just want this year to be our best year ever as a unit. Sure, there is going to be adversity, but as long as we work hard and stay together, then we'll be fine."

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