Sunday, September 16, 2012

"Filipino Wrecking Machine" Munoz Out With Foot Injury

Mark Munoz
Mark Munoz (Photo credit: Utter Truth)

Mark Munoz, AKA the "Filipino Wrecking Machine" fears he may be out up to a year with a foot injury. He sustained the injury while training for his match against Chris Weidman in July.
The AFC 185 pound fighter was on track to be the best fighter in his class in the world, but a string of bad luck and injuries have chased that dream away, for now.
In January Munoz was to face Chael Sonnen for the number one contendership, but an elbow injury forced him out of the match. He also missed his chance to face former teammate and friend Anderson Silva. Physicians discovered floating bone chips in his elbow which would have worsened had he fought.
After getting medical clearance from the elbow surgery, Munoz found himself up for a championship again. His opponent was Chris Weidman, and despite being the more seasoned fighter, Munoz was outwrestled, leaving the cage with a bloodied face.
Turns out Munoz had injured his foot in preparation for that fight against Weidman. He said, "I hurt my foot training for the Weidman fight. I was training with Jason Miller inside the cage and my foot got caught. I am not sure if it is broken. I will be getting an official MRI tomorrow and I will know. I just hope they do not have to break it in order for it to heal properly as it has somewhat started to heal."
Munoz had been on an impressive four match winning streak until his fight with Weidman. He also had to deal with a staph infection which spread to his knee and forehead. "I went to the doctor and he took a look at it. He gave me a weird look and brought out a needle and I felt stuff coming out. I am just glad I took care of it early," said Munoz.
Munoz believes that he may be out up to a year while his foot recovers.
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