Sunday, September 23, 2012

Australian MotoGP Casey Stoner Has Ankle Surgery

English: Casey Stoner 2010 Qatar
English: Casey Stoner 2010 Qatar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Casey Stoner, 26, will retire from MotoGP after he recovers from ankle surgery and finishes the season and will most likely try car racing instead.
Stoner was injured in a practice accident in Indianapolis in mid-August. Surgery was done at Sydney's North Shore Private Hospital to repair torn ligaments and fractures to his ankle, tibia, and fibula. Stoner says recovery is going as planned, blogging, "I've been concentrating on resting and getting better. I had the operation 12 days ago now and I'm really pleased with how I feel. I took the bandages off 5 days after the operation and the incisions were incredibly small and the swelling is gradually reducing day by day."
Stoner thanked his surgeon Doctor Lam and the hospital team for making him feel comfortable during and after the operation. He's been following the doctor's orders and says "The doctor said to start putting weight on it almost straight after the op so I can keep the movement up for a faster return, but I have to be very careful with it.
He aims to be ready for his home race in Australia on October 28th but admits "Like I've always said, I've got my own goals set for my return, but it depends on the ankle and the recovery. The frustrating thing is that I feel I could have just kept racing but if I crashed on it again, the damage would have been huge."
Stoner says he'll take up a passion he's had for a long time- racing cars. "It's been a long dream of mine. I've had a huge passion for V8s since I've been 12 or 14 years old. In the not too distance future I could be on the grid, you never know. I have to be realistic and see whether I'll be quick enough or not be competitive, but it's something I'd like to give a go, and I'll definitely be around the paddock."
We'll have to see how Stoner does the rest of the season and when he begins to race cars- less dangerous, but still many opportunities to injure your foot!

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