Tuesday, February 18, 2014

US Snowboarder Competes In Sochi With Possible Broken Ankle

American snowboarder Trevor Jacobs believes he raced two full runs on the snowboard cross course this morning at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics on a broken ankle. 
As Jacobs landed off the first jump in his semifinal heat, he heard a pop in his right ankle. He was already aware the ligaments around his cuboid bone were damaged, and the pop told him things were not looking good for his ankle. 
Jacobs hadn't even taken off his boot yet and had his foot and ankle examined by a doctor when he commented, "Now it's officially broken. I can tell."
Jacobs was able to finish fourth in that semifinal, which was a photo finish. Teammate Alex Deibold narrowly slid right by him at the finish line and proceeded to the Olympic final. Judges had to look at the photographic evidence to see who placed third. Deibold went on to win the bronze medal. 
Despite the pain Jacobs was experiencing, he went back to the top of the mountain to compete in the small final that places 6-12. He finished third in the heat, and ninth overall.
After the race Jacobs visited with his parents and did some interviews. He said that he was currently managing the pain OK, but knew the pain would escalate soon. 
"I'd say it was about a 1. Now at about a five. And in 15 minutes, it'll be at a 10," Jacobs said. "That's alright, I'll be fine."
Reference: KSDK
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