Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Kain Colter Eager To Have Ankle Repaired

Northwestern's Kain Colter is not discouraged by the ankle surgery he had recently. 
The former quarterback, now receiver, played admirably in the first three practices during Senior Bowl week and had surgery last week to fix a lingering ankle issue. He will miss 8-12 weeks and his agent said he is excited to have this injury taken care of. 
Colter hurt his ankle during the first quarter of NU's loss to Wisconsin on October 12th and was able to return later in the game. 
Colter will miss NU's pro day, set for March 4th, but the university will likely schedule an additional pro day when he's healthy. The team has a history of doing that for potential NFL players; in 2010 they scheduled an additional day for Bears defensive end Corey Wootton and special teamer Sherrick McManis.
Colter will already have likely made his impression with NFL scouts, general managers, coaches, and executives during the first three days of Senior Week. 
Colter, who had 5,023 yards and 50 touchdowns in his four years with the Wildcats, said that he was honored to get an invitation to Senior Bowl, saying, "they saw something in me that they felt was worthwhile."
"I definitely think I can play receiver," said Colter, who was interviewed by a Bears scout last week. "I'm going to try to get on where I can."
Colter also made news last week in a different manner. Colter addressed national media in a press conference as the spokesman for the College Athletes Players Association (CAPA), an organization founded to help college basketball and football players be represented by a labor union. 
He emphasized that his goal in this organization is not to pay a college athlete, but to divert some of the capital made from revenue, TV, retail, and ticket back to the athlete for their needs. 
"There needs to be a guarantee that players aren't stuck with medical bills after they leave with long-lasting injuries that they suffer from football," he said. "Essentially, they're hurt on the job and then they're stuck with the medical bills if they do need a surgery down the line. That's one of the biggest things. With the TV revenue being generated, they could use a portion of that to help out the players in some way. I feel there needs to (be) a trust fund generated. I don't feel like there needs to be a direct compensation, but there needs to (be) a trust fund generated somehow that players can access after they graduate. I feel like that would put incentive for graduation rates to rise."
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