Friday, March 7, 2014

Red Sox's David Ross Dealing With Foot Injury

Boston Red Sox catcher David Ross was supposed to start Tuesday's spring training game against the Tampa Bay Rays, but was scratched from the game due to a foot injury. 
"He's got a left foot issue he's dealing with," Red Sox manager John Farrell said before the game at JetBlue Park. "The MRI (Monday) showed that there's nothing structurally going on here. He's got some inflammation in a tendon, so we've got to back him off a couple of days. It's likely and everything projects him to being on the plate on Friday."
Ross had this explanation for his foot problem on Tuesday: "I think I wore some shoes. I put my orthotics on the wrong way. I had my insoles on with my orthotics, which I'm not supposed to do. Just something aggravated it and now the more I'm on the worse it was getting. There is a little tendon in there that's aggravated.
"It was bothering me in the offseason," he said. "It got a little better, but as I was running... It's one of those things where I can run straight, but I can't really turn really good. The ligament in there has been kind of aggravated. I've been running funny on my foot.
"They told me to hold off today, but it feels 100 percent today. I'll probably hit and throw tomorrow and hopefully Thursday, and Friday, I'll be in the game."
"It's not one occurrence that something was felt," Farrell said of the 36 year old's foot problem. "It's been aggravating him a little bit and we just felt like we needed to get ahead of it right now."
Ross missed a majority of last season because of concussions, but was a team leader when he was healthy and playing. He shone during the postseason when he replaced Jarrod Saltamacchia as the Red Sox's starting catcher. Farrell has said several times during the offseason and camp that Ross could possibly start 50-60 games, more than a backup catcher typically plays.
Ross is in injury company with starting catcher A. J. Pierzynski, who signed in the offseason to a one year contract. He rolled his ankle for the second time this spring during Monday's game against the Pittsburgh Pirates.
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