Friday, March 21, 2014

Padres Outfielder Dickerson Lands On DL

All it took was a simple misstep in a warmup drill and Padres outfielder Alex Dickerson has found himself on the disabled list for the beginning of the season. 
An MRI done on Monday revealed a Grade 2 ankle sprain. Dickerson and the rest of the team were going through daily warmups on a practice field when the new outfielder injured himself. 
"It was just a freak accident. We were doing bounding and I went up and when I came down, I came down with my toe down and it caught a little divot in the grass," Dickerson said. "I guess it caught wrong with all my weight going in the wrong direction. It folded in and cracked. It was painful.
"I don't think I could do that again if I tried."
Dickerson had severe pain on Saturday, which lessened by Monday, and is hoping the injury won't keep him out long. 
Monday he said, "As long as the MRI comes out clean, hopefully it's just a sprain. Hopefully it heals quickly," he said. "... That's all I can do at this point."
A grade 2 ankle sprains usually indicates that a ligament in the ankle has been significantly damaged, but there is no overall instability. There is typically moderate swelling and tenderness, with a decreased range of motion. Treatment is usually an air cast or splint, followed by strengthening and stretching exercises. 
Dickerson had a slow start to his season but has raised his average to .280 with two home runs and seven RBIs in 25 at-bats. He has been working slowly with hitting coaches Phil Plantier and Alonzo Powell to maximize his left-handed swing. 
"It's been slowing myself down and making sure my head was staying back was a real big key," Dickerson said. 
"Once I did that, everything else fell in after that, was seeing the ball better. When I get back, l'll focus on those same things and hopefully the swing will come with it."
Reference: MLB
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