Saturday, March 29, 2014

Oklahoma State Guard Bias Vows To Play In Today's Game

Oklahoma State point guard Tiffany Bias must overcome a left ankle injury sustained during Monday's 73-66 victory over Purdue to play in today's Sweet Sixteen game against Notre Dame. 
"I haven't missed a game," Bias said. "I'll be there on Saturday."
The Cowgirls' point guard has played at least 40 minutes in 38 games and with just one more game will be the school's career leader in games played (133) and games started (132). Bias is determined to play in today's game against the undefeated Notre Dame.
"I anticipate she'll play," said coach Jim Littrell. "I know she's a young lady who will go through every minute of therapy she can. We got back at 3:30 in the morning and she was at therapy at 8 o'clock (Tuesday morning) because she wants to play. 
"She's got some work to do over the next few days to get ready, but I know if there's any way possible for her to play, she'll play."
Bias severely rolled her ankle in the second half when she stepped on another player's foot. She was on the court for several minutes in clear pain before being helped to the training room. She returned to the bench later in the game. 
"I knew she was hurting," Littrell said. "She throws her body around and goes down at times, and I never go out on the floor because I don't want to take her out of the game.
"I could see that it was different this time, and I went out. I knew she was hurt, and she's one of those kids who's been fortunate her whole life to never be hurt. I think it was a little bit scary for her."
Freshman Roshunda Johnson took her place and the Cowgirls were able to hold on to their lead. Bias was able to overcome the pain, relying on adrenaline, and came back with three minutes left in the game. 
"Before I went off the floor to the training room, I told the girls just to finish the game," she said. "If they needed me, I was going to play. If not, I was going to cheer my team on either way."
Bias has been a team player through tough times. She stayed at Oklahoma State after the terrible plane crash that took the lives of head coach Kurt Budke and assistant Miranda Serna in November 2011. 
That toughness has been a positive for Bias, who became the team's career assists leader. She has a nonstop motor during sprints in practice and it should be no surprise to her fans that as soon as her ankle was taped up she requested to go back on the court. 
"She went out in the last game and came back in within 10 minutes," Johnson said. "She's really tough. She never quits."
We wish Tiffany the best of luck in their game against Notre Dame- but if Oklahoma goes against UCONN, we're UCONN all the way!
Reference: Tulsa World

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