Saturday, August 31, 2013

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Nicks Treated For MRSA

Two Tampa Bay Buccaneers players are being treated for MRSA infections, team and union sources told's Albert Breer last Thursday. The situation was described to Breer as "something like what the Cleveland Browns dealt with" from 2003 to 2008. 
MRSA infections are nothing to joke around with, and they're something NFL locker rooms are familiar with. Former Washington Redskins defensive lineman Brandon Noble almost lost a limb during a 2004 outbreak. 
Left guard Carl Nicks and kicker Lawrence Tynes are the affected players, with Nicks' infection affecting his toe. 
Last week before the MRSA infection was announced, coach Greg Schiano said with regards to Nicks' toe, "It's not something you mess around with, but it's not your common injury, either. The next question is how long will it be? I don't know that. We've got to let the medicine run its course and see if we can get that thing straightened out."
The Buccaneers sanitized the facility last weekend while the players were in New England for a preseason game. They will continue to sanitize the facility and the team handed out soap that helps control outbreaks. Buccaneers general manager Mark Dominik told's Ian Rapoport that there have been no new outbreaks in a week.
"We had a company come in and nuke the building a week ago after the cultures taken from Nicks and Tynes confirmed it was MRSA," Dominik told "It was a precautionary move, but we don't want to fool around with it. Our owners said spare no expense. We had the facility treated, and the league approved of our actions."

The team announced last Thursday that Nicks will need five to seven days for the medicine to take effect before creating a timetable for his return. Rapoport reported that Nicks won't play the rest of the preseason and is doubtful for Week 1, according to a source. The Buccaneers don't plan on rushing him back to the field. 
The infection on Nicks' toe is the same toe that prematurely ended his 2012 season. With their All-Pro guard out, the team lost the next five of six games. 
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