Saturday, August 3, 2013

Shoes To Blame For Torii Hunter's Pain

All-Star outfielder Torii Hunter needs to be more careful when selecting shoes. 
The Detroit Tigers right fielder left last Thursday's game against the Chicago White Sox in the eighth inning because of a sore Achilles tendon, which he says was caused by dress shoes that were too tight. 
"I'll be fine tomorrow. Just a little sore," Hunter said. "I played through it the whole game. It happened this morning, but I'm fine. I'm fine."
Hunter said he recently purchased shoes that "might have been a little tight on the Achilles." He homered during Detroit's 7-4 loss. 
"A little sore the whole game," he added. Hunter did not say when he purchased the shoes and was confident he would play on Friday, which he did. 
This is certainly one of the most bizarre foot injuries we've ever heard of in the baseball world, but it is certainly something that could happen, not just to athletes. When you wear shoes that are too tight, too small, too large, or have not support, all kinds of foot and ankle injuries can occur. It's likely the shoes Hunter was wearing were pinching his Achilles tendon because they were too tight in the heel counter. Shoes should not need a "breaking in" period, but if you have shoes that are tight or a bit too small, you can take them to your podiatrist and they will stretch them out for you.
We've recently seen how important shoes are in the sports world, especially with Joakim Noah. There was speculation the shoes he was wearing to play basketball were aggravating his plantar fasciitis. That is why it is important to consult a shoe fitting expert who can fit your current size and discuss with you your particular needs. Remember: if your shoes hurt in the store while you are trying them on, they are definitely going to hurt when you wear them after they have been purchased!
Reference: Post Bulletin.
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