Friday, August 30, 2013

Giants Outfielder Torres On DL

San Francisco Giants outfielder Andres Torres was placed on the 15 day disabled list last Thursday because
of a strained Achilles tendon. He may not return this season.
Torres has been dealing with the injury since the 2011 season. He had a second opinion with Dr. Robert Anderson and is hoping to avoid surgery on his foot, even though the MRI showed bone spurs in the area.
"I need to be 100%," Torres said. "After we won the World Series and they gave us the rings (April 9th, 2011), I hurt this foot and I've never been the same. Playing like this is not going to be good for me and it's not going to be good for the organization. I respect them a lot. This is something I have to work to get better.
"When you don't play 100%, that affects you," Torres continued. "You see this year, my defense hasn't been the best. I really care. Last year, I hurt it a little bit again. I remember 2010, I used to drive the ball from the left side. But (now), my left foot kind of lifts, I lose my power."
Torres has tried rehabilitation and it did not help. Torres, who is known for his speed, said his left foot bothers him most when hitting from the left side and the pain has limited him to running at about 80%.
Giants manager Bruce Bochy said Torres called him at 1:30 p.m. last Thursday to tell him he couldn't play in the opener of a four-game series against the NL Central-leading Pittsburgh Pirates.
"It's bothering him to the point where he needs a break," Bochy said. "I can't say it's over yet until he gets evaluated. I think that will determine what ends up happening with Andres. Is there a possibility for surgery? Sure. That's why he's getting it checked out."
Bochy didn't know Torres was having an off-and-on issue with his foot, but doesn't seem bothered he wasn't aware of it. "This isn't a case where we thought he was hiding anything. You always appreciate a player who wants to be out there and play. I can talk to almost every one of them, and there's probably something going on, especially here in August, including my staff. It goes with the territory."
Torres, 35, signed a $2 million, one-year contract with the Giants last winter to return after spending one year with the New York Mets. He is batting .250 with two home runs and 21 RBIs with four stolen bases in 103 games this season.
Bochy is in no hurry to get Torres back, saying, "There's no rush to get Andres back. We want him to be healthy. He's got his future to think of." If Torres does come back this season, it will be mostly as a pinch-hitter, pinch-runner, or late defensive replacement.
Reference: San Francisco Chronicle and ESPN.
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