Friday, April 26, 2013

Soccer Player Stephen Gleeson Looking Forward To Time Off

British soccer player Stephen Gleeson is looking forward to a rest.
And by rest, we don't mean a nap. Gleeson spent more than a quarter of the latest soccer season on the sidelines with a broken foot and rushed back from his injury to help his team mount a late challenge for the playoffs. Gleeson originally broke his left foot during training
Gleeson had some spectacular moments in the run-in, but he's looking forward to putting his feet up.
"Every footballer goes through probably 18 months of bad injuries, and I've had six long spells out. I'm still struggling with my foot, but it's the first time I'm looking forward to having a long break.
"Hopefully (Head of Sports Science and Fitness) Damien Doyle can let me lay off the foot for six weeks. I want to come back fully fit. At the moment, I'm just looking forward to the rest," said Gleeson.
Gleeson broke his foot in December, and the injury coincided with a knee problem by Luke Chadwick. The two were ruled out for several months right before Christmas. Without them, the Dons won just one match in League 1, which began their slide down the table and out of playoff contention.
Gleeson is unsure how the Dons would have played if he and Chadwick had been healthy throughout the season.
"We can't tell what would've happened if me and Luke (Chadwick) didn't get injured when we did. I feel we have a squad good enough to compete, but at the time we didn't deal with injuries and suspensions well enough.
"I know the manager has taken the blame, but everyone has to look at this season and ask why it went wrong. I sit here now disappointed because I know we should be getting out of this league.
"The club is at a crossroads and we need to get out of the league sooner or later. We have a great stadium, the pitch is brilliant, one of the best in the league, our fans are brilliant- it needs to happen soon. In the next few years the club will move on and I've no doubt that it'll kick on out from there," Gleeson said.
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