Tuesday, April 30, 2013

UFC's Jones Suffers Gruesome Foot Injury

Chael Sonnen had been smack talking for months. The UFC's self-appointed "Bady Guy" should have
kept his mouth closed, because Jon Jones gave him the smack talk back in hits and punches. Sonnen was TKO'ed in a short, violent bout.
Jones got ready to give the customary in-cage interview with Joe Rogan when Rogan noticed something very wrong with Jones' foot.
"Uh-oh, ohh, he's got a broken foot! Oh man. Wow. Jon Jones has a broken foot, ladies and gentlemen," Rogan said.
It wasn't just a broken foot. The bone near Jones' big toe joint came through the skin, making it a compound fracture (you can see the picture on Twitter). Strange thing was Jones had no idea this had happened until Rogan brought it up. Jones sat down on the stool and completed the interview while trainers tended to his fracture. Pain was all over his face and several times it looked like he was going to faint. Jones kept squeezing his championship belt to distract himself from the pain and calm him nerves.
The break was so gross that the UFC edited out all the footage of the broken toe from their post-fight interviews. Jones had a celebratory vacation planned to Jamaica after the fight, but that might have to be postponed until his foot has recovered. He lamented, "I was supposed to go to Jamaica after this. That's not gonna happen."
Had the fight made it to the end of the first round and the referee was aware of the injury and stopped the fight, Sonnen would not have been declared the winner. The unified MMA rules state: "If an injury sustained during competition as a result of an accidental foul is severe enough for the referee to stop the bout immediately, the bout shall result in a no contest if stopped before two rounds have been completed in a three round bout."
Reference: Business Insider.
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