Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Year-Round Sports May Be Bad For Children

CCS - Soccer Tournament - 060
CCS - Soccer Tournament - 060 (Photo credit: D.Clow - Maryland)

Nationally known sports fundamentalist Dave Ferguson says that putting kids through rigorous activity before they hit puberty is threatening their health. And some local doctors are starting to see indications of that in children who play the same sport all year long.
Despite growing concerns about kids being more vulnerable to sports injuries at a young age when playing sports, local dad John Wellman isn't going to let that affect the way he raises his children. "As a young adult and as an adult, I have pushed myself very hard and sometimes have gone past my limit. But that's part of finding who you are as a person. And while I probably will be keeping a close eye on my children in those situations I wouldn't hold them back," Wellman said.
While children need to exercise, the type of injury I see in kids are as a result of only playing one sport all year long. But as long as you know your limits, you don't need to worry. When you listen to your body and don't try to play through an injury or pain because it leads to further problems down the road. When drills or activities aren't changed, overuse injuries begin to occur.
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