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6 Tips For Children In Fall Sports

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Every year podiatrists across the country see an increased amount of ankle injuries in young athletes. Football and soccer lead in potential injuries, such as sprains, broken bones, and other problems. Here are six tips that may help your child be injury free this fall sports season:
1. Get ankle injuries treated right away.

  • Even though it may seem like a sprain, it may not be a sprain. In addition to the sprain, your child may have also damaged cartilage or other bones in the foot. The sooner they begin rehabilitation, the sooner the long-term problems like instability or arthritis can be prevented. 
2. Have old sprains checked by a podiatrist before the new season starts.

  • A check-up may find that your child is vulnerable to repeat ankle sprains and they may benefit from wearing a supportive brace during competition.
3. Buy the right shoe for the right sport.

  • We've said it before: different sports require different shoes. Football cleats and soccer cleats cannot be interchanged.
4. Children should start the new season with new shoes.

  • Shoes are like tires: they wear down the more they are used. 
5. Check the playing field for dips, divots, and holes.

  • Most sports injuries are caused from uneven surfaces. We recommend that parents walk the field, especially public parks, to check for spots where a child's foot may get caught. Alert officials to any irregularities you find. 
6. Encourage stretching and warm-up exercises.

  • Prevent injuries by warming up ligaments, blood vessels, and calf muscles to reduce the risk of ankle injuries.
If your child plays a fall sport and has been experiencing pain, call our Newington, Kensington, or Middletown office to make an appointment.
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