Wednesday, November 27, 2013

How To Get Children Interested In Running

It can be a tough challenge today as a parent to get your children interested in anything beyond a television, video game, or computer screen. With all of the stimulation of today's world, simple things like going outside and playing are overrun with organized activities. While these activities have their merit, there is also great worth in unorganized or spontaneous play. 
One of these activities can be running, which can be something the entire family can participate in. But how do get your children to run regularly? 
Here are some tips from Runner's World on how to get children of all ages to run. 
Ages 6 and under
How far? Not very. At this age, get them to play chase or racing to a destination is a great way to get them started.
Run/walk ratio: Running periods should be no longer than 10 to 20 seconds. Walk times in between should be one to two minutes.
Ages 7 to 9
How far? Start with a quarter of a mile. Every week add another minute or two to your run until you have reached a mile. If they're enjoying it, get going until you can do a 5K together- 3.5 miles.
Run/walk ratio: Jog for 10 seconds and walk for 40 seconds. Each week increase the jog portion by five seconds and decrease the walk section by five seconds, until you have a 30/30 ratio.
Ages 10 to 12
How far? Begin with a half mile, and each week add a quarter mile. Build up to whatever mileage feels comfortable. Many children at this age can run a 10K.
Run/walk ratio: Start with one minute running and one minute walking. If that is too easy, run two minutes and walk one minute. Build it up to four minutes running and one minute walking.
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