Monday, November 4, 2013

Calgary Flames Lose Giordano

It's so early in the hockey season to be blogging about foot and ankle injuries, but alas, we've already blogged about two hockey players who are sidelined with injuries. 
We can add Mark Giordano of the Calgary Flames to our growing list of hockey players. Giordano will be
out six to eight weeks with a broken ankle after taking a shot to his right ankle in the second period of a road game at the Los Angeles Kings on October 21st. The Flames revealed Giordano's status last Monday. 
"It's brutal," Giordano said. "You don't want to miss any time, but if you have to you're hoping it's something not as significant as that time frame."
Giordano joins fellow teammate Lee Stempniak, whose foot was also broken by a shot. He continued to play against Dallas after the shot from teammate Dennis Wideman deflected off his skate boot. Stempniak's status is week to week, and both players had their right feet in walking casts last Tuesday.
"It's one of those things when it's not bad and your (foot) is in your skate and it feels all right and then it gets a little bit worse once you take your skate off. 
"I feel like the team is playing well and to not be a part of it is tough," Stempniak said. "The swelling is going down so hopefully it's not too long."
The Flames will miss Giordano and Stempniak, who were tied for third on the team in points and they are 1-2 since Giordano was injured. 
Giordano said an initial scan of his foot did not show the break, but when he tried to skate on it the next day in Phoenix, the pain forced him off the ice. A later scan showed the fracture. 
"One guy coming in and out of the lineup isn't going to change the way we play," Giordano said. "Guys have done a great job. I'd like to be around the guys as much as possible. Obviously being hurt you're not in as much as when you're playing.
"You almost feel it's a letdown for the team, but there's nothing I can do about it now."
Reference: Sports Illustrated
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