Monday, July 15, 2013

Tennis Player Muguruza Goes Under Knife

Tennis player Garbine Muguruza, ranked No. 59 in the world, had surgery two weeks ago on her right ankle
and will be out of the tennis circuit for six months.
The surgery was to remove the osteochondritis dissecans of the astragalus, an injury that causes pain and stiffness of the ankle. Most cases of osteochondritis dissecans occur after a twisting injury to the ankle and are actually fractures of the joint surface.
The 19 year old Venezuelan was diagnosed with this condition after her participation in the Florianopolis Tournament in Brazil. The operation was performed by Doctor Juan Carlos Monllau and took just an hour and a half. After the surgery Muguruza said she was pleased with the procedure, commenting, "We are very happy with the operation. I hope to be able to start my rehabilitation very soon."
Muguruza will not be able to put any weight on her foot for three weeks and if her healing progresses in the right direction she will be able to start rehabilitation in the middle of August. She is not expected to return to the courts until 2014.
The Caracas born player also had surgery on her nasal septum to clear up breathing problems which have affected her for a while.
Muguruza had a spectacular first six months of 2013, starting at 104 in the world and finishing at number 59. She had a noteworthy turnout at her first Wimbledon several weeks ago. Her trainer, Alejo Mancisidor said it was the right time to operate now. "It was the right time in order to be able to come back next year with a good ranking and to start the year playing in the big tournaments," he said.
Reference: Madrid Open.
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