Friday, July 26, 2013

Atlanta Braves' Jordan Schafer Out Another Few Weeks

When Jordan Schafer fouled a ball off his foot on June 26th in Kansas City, it did not look like it was going
to be a serious problem. However over time this ankle injury has become more complicated and unusual. 
The Atlanta Braves decided to do an MRI on the outfielder's ankle and it was discovered he has an intraosseous stress fracture in his right foot and will be out at least another two weeks recovering.
Braves general manager Frank Wren said, "It's a soft tissue injury that you treat over 7-10 days and see if it's going to get better. He was X-rayed that day, there was no fracture revealed. After seven days, he still wasn't getting a lot better. It was X-rayed again- still no fracture. And then after that he started doing more, there were some things he could do and some things he couldn't. He started having more pain, so we took it to the next step and had the MRI done."
Schafer is currently four weeks into a six week recovery process and he can now do more non-load bearing activity in his rehabilitation, like working on the underwater treadmill.
Wren added that the two pinch-hit appearances Schafer made in the team's home series against the Marlins less than a week after suffering the initial injury did not worsen his ankle's condition. 
"If we'd MRI'd it at the time of the injury, this fracture would not have shown up. It's a type that over time, you get a better sense of it. It's just one of those strange situations."
The Braves have taken a few injury blows recently, including Jason Heyward, B. J. Upton, and Justin Upton, who have all been diagnosed with injuries. 
Schafer was placed on the disabled list July 4th and prior to that he was having a career year. In 2013 he has hit .312/.399/.464 in 64 games. 
Reference: MLB
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