Thursday, July 25, 2013

Mets Third Baseman Playing Through Injury

Depending on how severe a foot or ankle injury is, we typically do not recommend to our patients to play
through injuries. Often times playing through the pain will cause further damage, leaving you out longer and away from the activities you love most. 
Last week it came out that New York Mets third baseman David Wright has been playing through a foot injury. Mets manager Terry Collins told reporters that Wright told him the foot was "killing him," but when talking to Mike Mazzeo of ESPN New York, Wright said his foot was "good."
"It's good. It's good. It hasn't given me any problems, so it'll be nice to get a few days off. I don't know what exactly happened. It's nothing that's prohibiting me from doing anything. Plus, HIPAA doesn't let me talk about injuries either." 
So what is it? Is his foot, "good", as he's describing it, or is it "killing him" like Collins said? We'd be more likely to believe Collins, as Wright is likely putting up a good front to reporters and the public. He is definitely downplaying the severity of his injury. And, we should mention, HIPAA doesn't prevent you from talking about your own injuries- it prevents medical professionals from talking about your ailments without your given permission.
Collins went on to compare this foot problem to the broken back Wright suffered two years ago, saying, "He's got a foot that's killing him, but he never says anything. It's the same as two years ago, he's playing three weeks with a broken back. Even when we have a bad game, he won't come out because he thinks he needs to be there for his teammates. I knew he was a good player before I got here, but didn't realize his preparation, and desire to be that guy in tough situations. This organization is damn lucky to have him."
We're all for being there for your teammates, club, and fans, but sometimes you need to be smart and take some time off to recuperate and be able to play your best. Sometimes being stupid and playing with something like a broken back does you and your team no good. 
Even with a foot ailment that's "killing him" Wright managed to get his seventh trip to the All-Star game by hitting .304/.396/.507 with 21 doubles, five triples, 13 home runs, and 15 stolen bases in 17 attempts. Wright is obviously good at hiding pain.
Reference: MLB Injury News.
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