Thursday, May 29, 2014

Jamie Varner Fights On Broken Ankle

The replays from Saturday night's UFC 173 match of Jamie Varner and James Krause were gruesome to look at. 
Krause landed an early leg kick that eventually caused Varner to break his ankle. Varner rolled his ankle three times in the first round without being touched by Krause and continued the fight. He told the referee after the sounding of the first bell that his ankle was broken and he could not continue. 
UFC president Dana White praised Varner for continuing the fight even when he was clearly injured. 
"Usually they'll quit, guys will tap out and say 'ahhh, I broke my ankle'," White said. "There was no quit in that kid. That's one of those situations where he kept going. That's a tough one."
Varner, a former WEC lightweight champion later tweeted that he suffered two fractures and torn ligaments in his ankle. He had to be helped to the corner after the fight, since he could not put any weight on the leg. 
White continued his praise, saying, "By the end of the round he's like, 'that's it, I'm done'. He fought that whole round. The corner didn't throw in the towel, the ref didn't stop the fight, but he wasn't complaining either. You'll see guys, lesser things happen and guys try to stop. Varner is all heart, and that's a tough one."
Krause (21-5) has improved to 2-1 since signing with the UFC. His last match was a TKO loss to Bobby Green in November that ended his eight-fight win streak. 
"The very first kick I threw, I felt it hit my shin," Krause said. "We worked this camp on kicking the calf so he couldn't catch my kicks and take me down.
"Jamie is such a good competitor and it was an honor to fight him... I am sorry it ended like it did."
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