Thursday, January 23, 2014

Chinese Speed Skating Champion Likely Out Of Sochi

Olympic speedskating champion Wang Meng broke her ankle during training and will likely miss the Sochi Winter Olympics next month. 
The Chinese Winter Olympian collided with a teammate on a turn last Thursday and had surgery within hours, said Liu Hao, the China team's deputy short track manager. 
Injuries such as these typically take six to eight weeks to heal, and the Sochi Olympics is just two weeks away. The short track events start on February 10th. However, Liu said the team is not giving up hope and is sticking to its original training plan. 
Wang is China's most decorated Winter Olympian and won the 500-meter relays at the 2006 Turin Olympic Games, as well as the 500-meter, 1,000 meter, and 3,000 meter relays at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. She was favored in the women's 500-meter relay, of which she holds the world record. Wang has four gold, one silver, and one bronze medals. 
The 28 year old has a colorful past with the Chinese National Team. She has been expelled from the team twice, most recently in 2011 following a drunken fight with the team manager. She was reinstated to the team after a huge national debate over the pressure Chinese athletes are put under. 
References: ESPN and Big News Network
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