Saturday, January 4, 2014

Carmelo Anthony's Ankle Worse Than He Thought

Carmelo Anthony sprained his left ankle last Monday in the game against the Orlando Magic and has been day-to-day ever since. 
After last Friday's game, coach Mike Woodson said of Anthony, "He's still day to day. Just getting treatment. I'm sure when he's ready to play, he'll let us know. Obviously, the ankle's bothering him."
It's bothered him enough that he's missed three games since the injury. Anthony said Tuesday that the sprain "was a lot worse" than he thought.
Anthony did some running on Sunday and Monday, but has been limited in practice.
"It was worse than I thought. The night that I sprained it, I was trying to get back into the game. I went back and taped it up. As soon as I walked out of that locker room, I couldn't do it. Then the next day, it swelled up on me big time. It kept swelling, so we had to get control of that first and then go from there. So it was a lot worse than what I actually thought," Anthony said.
Anthony said that he has not undergone any further tests for his ankle, and hopes to return when the Knicks start their three game trip against the Houston Spurs.
"I'm getting there. I feel a lot better. There's still some things lingering. But each day it's getting better," the 29 year old said. "Still some swelling in there, still some tenderness. Eventually I'll have to play with a bit of tenderness, a little bit of pain."
Anthony has been disappointed in the team's performance since he's been out. The Knicks have lost all three games he has missed and are now tied for third worst in the league with the Sixers. He also feels the team could play with more effort, which can be easily fixed.
"The effort is definitely not there some days, or it's there and then sometimes it's not," he said. "We've got to get some consistency from that standpoint.
"We shouldn't be talking about lack of effort and inconsistency from that standpoint. But we are and we've got to find a solution to that. The solution is just go out there and just do it. You can't teach having energy on the court and having effort out there on the basketball court. It's just got to happen."
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