Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Ellsbury's Foot Progressing, Slowly

Boston Red Sox center fielder Jacoby Ellsbury says the compression fracture in his right foot is progressing.
Ellsbury spoke to reporters for the first time last Wednesday since the diagnosis of his foot became public on September 8th. He initially fractured the foot on August 28th.
"When I did it, kind of deep down, I kind of knew something was going on," Ellsbury said. "But I didn't really want to get- I wanted to play. And it was just one of those things where the docs are like, 'You know, you got to give this thing some rest. You can't push through this. Got to give it time.' But I'm very excited with the progress I've made. The doctors are very optimistic about coming back and playing."
Red Sox manager John Farrell hopes that Ellsbury will be able to return before the season is over.
"We're all envisioning him being back on the field before the regular season is concluded," Farrell said. "It would go a long way in Jake getting some timing, some recent at-bats in all that, but that won't be the driving force in him getting back on the field. His readiness will be. But I know the way Jake feels and what the medical reports have said, and that's all very realistic that he gets back to us."
Ellsbury was more vague than Farrell about returning by the end of the season. In his four minute session with reporters, he said he hopes to be back out there as soon as possible, but he didn't specify whether that was by the end of this regular season or next season. 
"We're hopeful I'll be back playing. I feel very confident in making quick progress," Ellsbury said. "Just following the doc's orders following what he has in store for me. Each day I come in and try to push the envelope with them to try to get back on the field."
Ellsbury also didn't give any specifics on what he's doing in his recovery. Farrell said that Ellsbury is wearing an orthotic in his right shoe. 
"I'm doing a lot of different things," Ellsbury said. "I don't want to get into any details into everything I'm doing. Getting in early, just following the path that the docs have set in place. Like I said, the docs are very pleased with how fast I'm recovering from this."
So did Ellsbury make his injury worse by playing on it after he fractured it? In the last game he played he jammed the foot on a base as he stole on September 5th. He didn't stop playing right after the initial fracture because he knew what an important time of year it was.
"I played seven games after I fractured it," Ellsbury said. "I definitely tried to be in there as long as I could, and the docs basically had to pull me out and tell me, 'You've got to let this thing rest and give it time.'"
Whether the injury worsened or not, Ellsbury would not say, but he was looking toward the future.
"I just know that moving forward that once it does heal there'll be no issue moving forward. So it's going to be a full recovery. Won't see any lingering effects and I'll be good to go.
"I wanted to play first and foremost, I know we're in a playoff race. So when I heard the news, they were surprised that I was playing with it for that long. That's what surprised them. But like I said, I've got great information, the doctors have done a tremendous job, so very hopeful that I'll be back to play as soon as possible."
Reference: Mass Live.
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