Monday, June 24, 2013

Alex Ovechkin's Foot Healing

After playing on a broken left foot for three games last month, Alex Ovechkin says it's finally healing (uh,
duh? Could it be because you're not playing on it?).
The Washington Capitals' captain sustained a hairline fracture in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference quarterfinals against the New York Rangers. Ovechkin chose to play Game 7 the very next night on the fractured foot and at the world championship a couple of days later.
Ovechkin said during a conference call last Sunday, "Right now, I'm walking fine. I'm going to start playing tennis soon so I'm going to be in good shape... It's kind of getting better. I feel pretty good about my foot." Well, your foot isn't going to feel any better unless you stay off it, so give up that tennis for right now, Alex!
Ovechkin, who won his third Hart Trophy as the NHL's MVP, said the puck broke his foot when he blocked a shot and failed to talk with the team's trainer or doctor about getting an MRI.
"I just played the game because it's the playoffs," he said. "It doesn't matter what happens. You have to be there and you have to play the best that you can."
Ovechkin waited until after playing for Russia in Stockholm to have an MRI, even though he knew something was wrong with his foot. This playing through the injury behavior was common for Ovechkin throughout the season and it was likely he was playing through other injuries as well, none as serious as the broken foot.
The 27 year old says he'll be back for training camp, saying, "I'm never going to say I'm not going to play. It's not my style."
Reference: ESPN.
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