Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wrestler John Cena Suffering With Foot Injury

One of the biggest stories in wrestling in the last week has been John Cena and his foot injury. He has been suffering with an injury to his right Achilles tendon. reported that "Cena sustained an injury during WWE's European Tour. The WWE Champion injured his right Achilles tendon while battling Ryback."
Ryback and Cena have a scheduled match on May 19th at Extreme Rules. Does Cena's injury put Ryback closer to winning the WWE title? There was no anticipated recovery time, but Cena expected to be at events in the meantime, tweeting, "Finally home from a great European tour. I'm banged up, but I'm not going to miss Monday Night Raw."
Dave Meltzer from F4WOnline/Wrestling Observer, who has the "inside track" says, "Regarding John Cena, the injury is legitimate, but it's not clear exactly what the injury is or the severity of it. The injury took place at a show seven days ago in Geneva, and he worked house shows on it, so it's not like an Achilles tear which would have put him down for nine months. He will be at TV tomorrow night. It may the injury Sting suffered last year on the European tour. It's tricky because with C.M. Punk out, that would be the two top full-timers gone, and Punk shouldn't be wrestling on his knee the way it is."
Cena tweeted over the weekend that he was able to workout extra support for his injury. "Two days with zero tape and feeling (great)," Cena tweeted.
Wrestling fans, writers, and critics are all wondering if the WWE is putting on a worked story. The reason they would do this is to make Cena look vulnerable heading into the Extreme Rules match. If fans believe he is hurt they'll be more likely to pay for the pay-per-view to see the title change.
Cena could use some rest however. He tours all year, works live events, TV, pay-per-views and many charity and press events. If the injury is severe, he should take the time to rest his injuries. It would also freshen up the title picture.
Update: Cena will not miss any matches. His live schedule has been changed to give his Achilles tendon time to heal. He has been removed from matches with Ryback and put in a series of tag team bouts instead.
Reference: TJR Wrestling
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