Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ross Fisher Stubs Toe, Painful Golf Game

Who knew that a stubbed toe could cause so many problems? Golfer Ross Fisher revealed that he played through the pain at the Wales Open after stubbing his toe in his hotel room. The 31 year old Englishman said his game suffered after he bonked his toe: "I had a bit of an accident when I walked out of the bathroom and kicked the stone flowing. There were a few expletives and it was extremely painful," said Fisher.
"One of the toes on my left foot is as purple as anything and it was extremely painful to walk on. I couldn't put any weight on it and contemplated playing in trainers (sneakers). I iced it for a couple of hours and again this morning and as soon as I got my socks and shoes on it was actually bearable to walk on. For some shots it was causing me discomfort, although it eased as the round went on. I'm a bit accident prone so I have to suck it up and do the best I can while also being more careful," Fisher said.
A stubbed toe is rarely a serious injury, but the shock of a sharp blow to a sensitive part of your body can make you say expletives like Fisher did. Treating a stubbed toe is simple in most cases, but you need to be careful the toe is actually not broken.
First, you should clean the toe to make sure there are no cuts or open wounds and apply an antibacterial cream if there are any cuts. Then ice the toe for 30 minutes if the pain is severe. Take ibuprofen. It may hurt a lot now, but it may hurt more later. Wear open toed shoes until the swelling has decreased.
Signs of a broken toe would be:
  • The crack of a bone at impact.
  • Pinpoint pain at the place of impact immediately following and for several hours afterwards.
  • Crooked or abnormal appearance of toe.
  • Bruising and swelling of toe the next day (maybe Fisher doesn't have a simple stubbed toe!)
  • Bruising and discoloration of toenail.
  • Blood or bone protrusions.
  • Just because you can walk on it doesn't mean it's not broken. MYTH!

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